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It's rainy outside. Staring out of my window that fall's taking place of summer. Getting a cup of coffee and sitting at the computer writing to you all. Best time to review my summertime.

First chapter starts with my first post : Getting Back Home

Happy Birthday to me

Afterwards, I celebrated my birthday with my lovely friends from hometown. I was born in summer so people like me know that it is always difficult to have a huge birthday party cause probably most of your friends are on vacation. However, I realized that this situation keeps going on until the university life starts. Then missing surrounds everyone and you get back together in summer to take a stroll down memory lane. Summertime has become my favorite since then.
I wanted to share some beautiful photos taken by my friend. Jumpsuit from Koton.

Getting Back to Istanbul and Road to Izmir

I got back to Istanbul again for my second internship which was a wonderful opportunity so that twice I did internship and twice I was in Istanbul. For one month, I cannot say I did lots of work but I focused on my blog and changed its whole appearance and created an Instagram account. I love using Instagram so much but I am still behind it so hope you all start to FOLLOW me on Instagram.

What I have just seen is inspired me a lot: "You're Not Behind; You're Just on Your Own Path"

One of my friend was staying for summer in Izmir so my friends and I made hay while the sun shines and arranged a trip to there.
We spent our time going swimming in the daytime and drinking, chatting during the night. We have been in three different places in 4 days which was exhausted but great and precious as well. If one of you wonders about Izmir , feel free to ask any questions, I would be glad to answer you.

   T-shirt from H&M       

 Bikini from H&M

Top: H&M
High-waisted short: Pull & Bear

Welcoming Old Friend

Of course, I wasn't making no headyway, I was waiting for welcoming one of my friend coming to my country. Therefore, I was busy with holiday plans for us as well as my blog. We did a great schedule for a two week vacation. For the first week, I would be still doing my internship that's why we should spend our time in Istanbul. In fact, that was a good chance for him to see and visit very beautiful historical places in Istanbul.
After an one week in Istanbul, we took the road to Izmir again but this time directly to Çeşme. First day I took him to beach to rest, then we went to Alaçatı and I got lost its alleys. I love to do that everyplace I go cause you'll never know what's you're gonna come across to. In fact, I shared a photo on Instagram meanwhile. Don't forget to check it! :)
Second day in Çeşme, we took a boat trip and we stopped over three bays. One of them is called Donkey Island, for the first time in my life I touched and stroked a donkey! :)
Next stop was Kuşadası. The summer season was ended there so we decided to go Şirince Village well-known with its special fruit wines. That was the happiest moment for me of our whole tour cause fruit wines are my favorite! The day after, we visited Temple of Artemision, Ephesus Ancient City and House of Virgin Mary. At the end of the day, we were about to die (as it's seen in the photo right above) but it was worth it.

  Striped high-waistes short: Bershka
Sunglasses: Pull & Bear

These two photos above are taken while visiting the house of Virgin Mary. It's a wishing wall. Even if I couldn't have wished anything, it still seems to me as a nice tradition giving hope and relief to people from all around world.

In fact there are lots of photos I would like to share and lots of stories I would like to tell. I will keep sharing photos I have taken in those beautiful places (especially in alleys), so catch up and please FOLLOW me on Instagram!

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