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2 days ago, mom and I couldn't stop ourselves when we went in Yves Rocher store because there was a huge sale, besides I had a 20% discount. Everyone around me knows how much I love Yves Rocher products but not always I am able to purchase anything I want. The reason is not because of the high prices but as a student and a person who loves shopping so much, I have a limit superior fixed by my parents :)

I always a supporter of products including mostly organic ingredients. If you check my other posts, you'll see that my other favorite store is The Body Shop due to the same reason.

Anyway, here what I purchased, 50 ml perfume: Quelques Notes d'Amour , the moisturizer and the face mask above, the foundation: Pure Light and lastly the hair repair oil: Botanical Hair Care (Click to see the products). I am planning to prepare a make-up tutorial video to show you the foundation, and make a review of the hair repair oil after a couple of weeks to see the real effect of it. But now, in this post, I will share my first impressions about these two products with you!

First of all, they are from the Acne-prone Skin Care series. Since my acne treatment is officially started with pills, creams etc., I've been using Marilou Bio Créme (Click to see the review). It quiet met the lack of moisture of my face due to the pills. I did not want to try anything new during this period because of the treatment but it's been 6 months since then and eventually I ran out of moisturizer. 

In that point, I should have been careful about the product I'd choose because I shouldn't have acted against my acne treatment. Therefore, one of the stores I could go was Yves Rocher.

I told saleswoman that I needed a moisturizer but also about my acne-treatment and she directly suggested me this product. First of all, it is an oil free product therefore it doesn't leave skin sticky after application on the contrary to Marilou Bio Créme. I had to apply Marilou Bio Créme only at nights because it is a really intensive moisturizer so that it is hard to absorbed by the skin. But now, I can apply moisturizer before applying my foundation because it is quickly absorbed my skin (only in 2-3 minutes after application). Moreover, this Stop Blemish Lotion mattifies skin. It is a great advantage for me since I've already been using a gleaming foundation. Additionally, when I applied Marilou Bio Créme, my face was getting red because I have quite sensitive skin. However, when I use this lotion, as it claims, it "fades the marks that blemishes leave behind". I love this lotion, even though it is easily absorbed, it meets the moisture demand of my face. I love love it!

I was also looking for a face mask to apply once a week so that I can keep my face under control. Some weeks my acne treatment causes acne breakouts on my face. I thought that it could be beneficial to support the skin with masks to overcome quickly. I like the mask overall, but it dries so quickly which makes difficult to apply. I've applied it only once up to now so do not forget to check this post for the updated reviews! 

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful, relaxed holiday! 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask.. Waiting for you! 

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  1. I'm always a bit hesitant to try new products because I break out easily but maybe I'll give this a try. Great post!



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