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Hi guys! 

I came back from my hometown and new term has just started. I'm pretty much encouraged about blogging since my Instagram account keeps growing rapidly. Hence, I've decided to get more busy about my blog and writing more often here. First thing I did is to change the design of the blog and improve it.
Thanks to Eve, I think it's looking quite better, dynamic right now! Hope you like it, too! If you're a blogger too, I recommend you to check her shop on Etsy. She was so helpful with all the things I'd asked for, I mean she's just great!

In this post, I would like to make a review of a new product I've purchased recently. It's an hair repair oil from Yves Rocher. If you're complaining about your DRY HAIR ENDS check it out! 

In the previous post, I'd mentioned you about huge shopping haul with my mom during my semester break. You can find two great products for skins with acne problem in that post: Yves Rocher Pure System Face Lotion & Mask

Hair conditiners? Not sure about them...

I'm living in a town with arid climate which makes my already-brittle hair's drying out. A couple of months ago, I've tried to apply hair mask while taking a shower (kind of a hair conditioner). BUT! You should know the fact that those kind of products are beneficial for your hair only in short-run. After you use them after a while, you will realize that your hair is getting thinner and thinner after each use.

Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil 

Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil
That is why I was hesitant about buying this product. Anyway, I got it and started to use. It's been almost a month since then and my friends already start to say: "Your hair grew longer!". I don't think it's because of an ingredient that the product contains within it. However, it's a proof that it repairs my dry hair ends and that is why my hair is looking longer than usual!

Let's skip to what this hair repair oil includes: sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil and jojoba oil and more!
You all probably know better than me that there are zillions of videos about Castor oil and its benefit for growing hair longer. The brand claims that the secret is Jojoba oil and we all know that it is true ! :)

Additional to its benefits, it's quite easy to use too. You leave on your hair 10 mins ( I recommend to the ones with dry hair to leave 20 mins) and take a shower and shampoo your hair as usual. It says use it twice a week, I'm using it before every shower (which makes three times in a week, anyway! :) ) but applying it only my hair ends and each two week I apply it all of my hair. In that point I also tell you that I'm using liquid hair conditioner after shower.

Thanks for reading this post! Hope it is helpful! If you have any further questions, waiting for you! 

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