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Hello fellows! 
Last weekend, My sisters and I've been in a book fair. It was the first time for me (shame on me! ). I'd brought my camera with me, while I was walking around the place, lucky me, there were a lot of amazing shots to take! So in this post, I would like to share them with you and also talk about books for sure!

 I don't know about you, but books take an important place in my life. Like I said a week ago to my Turkish teacher, "I always keep a book in my bag."
I love books mostly with a story. However, not the ones with lots of love, romanticism within (oh god please keep them away from me). I love books with passion, lots of dialogues about life cause I find myself in a hole most of the times in my life and reading books is like a therapy for me to find the way get out.

These photos were taken in second-hand booksellers section. The pieces are quite nostalgic which made me lost in there. (I hope you've heard about Naz─▒m Hikmet, by the way. He is a Turkish poet, novelist, memoirist,... Because of his political view, he spent his life mostly in jail or in exile. But never forgotten by us.)

The second-hand bookseller didn't have only Turkish prints of course, here is a photograph of an old The Times newspaper and a typewriter next to it.

Let's come to fun photos. This shot was taken at the request of a seller there. In fact, I was taking a photo of only this turntable radio but then the seller put this little DJ top of it and asked me to take a photo with it. :) 

And here are the some cloth bags designed by publisher "Cin Ali"  ( "stickman" ) which is a well-known publisher of children's books in Turkey. I've been already planning to buy a cloth bag but never found a good one until then, lucky me again!! :)

So what have you been reading lately, what's on your hand?

What do you read genereally?  
Do you like reading books or prefer watching movies, going to theaters? 
Tell me... 

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