Meet Matte Nude Eyeshadow Review


Hello guys! It's been a while since my last post. I came back with a makeup brand -"The Balm"- which I believe that everyone has an easy access to its products, on the contrary, they are a bit expensive. Let's see whether it's worth or not.

I was always wondering about the products of this brand. The design is unusual and fun, using pinup girls and taking us back to 40s. And the quality? I'd never had a chance to try them in store so I was always a bit hesitant about the quality and always found myself in a trade-off between quality and price. I'm a student so I have to manage my budget which sometimes forces me to choose only one good product in a month. Luckily, I have sisters loving me so much and giving me some products purchased but never used. The reason my sister doesn't like this palette is that she prefer to apply glitter eye-shadows instead of nudes. However, I'm all about the nude! :)

Nude Tones

As I said, I like using nude eye-shadows, because my eye color is already green so I prefer more nude tones for my eyes. I believe the ones sharing the same feeling with me will understand the hardness of finding such nude products in the market. I don't know why but almost every brand puts some glitter into their eye makeup products. Therefore, I fell in love with this eye-shadow palette of The Balm. No glitter, no worry!

There are 9 shades in Meet Matte Nude eye-shadow. You can see each of them in the photos above. Some shades match my skin well so you may not be able to see them so clear, like Lombardi. But you can check these shades in following photos. 

Intense but Diffusing Texture

The texture of the product is a little different from the usual eye-shadows. Intensity is so high such that it could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare :) For instance, the first time I've tried the white one (called Mally) as a base, I got shocked. I was looking like a clown! :) Then I learned how to use it and being more careful while applying. Now I use mostly the dark shades cause due to this intensity, with one or two strokes, I can get the exact dark color I want. 
However, they are easily diffusing. To illustrate, you applied a dark shade, let's say Garcia, you can blend it smoothly but be careful! The color can easily fade. Hence, if you wanna use any of this shades for an eyeliner effect, you're gonna be failed. 

The Price

Price: $42.00 : Check it in HERE

The shades in "Meet Matte Nude" are quite common ones so I think to put them together is a great idea. You pay a bit more, but you get a bunch of shades being sure that you'll use each of them.

I guess there's nothing left much to say about this product, waiting for your questions and reviews about it!


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