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-I said "time for change" to myself. This is what happened.- 

(To see my hair dying story: CHECK HERE)
Let's discuss new hair color trends for this season!

We all know that this year is ombre is out of picture anymore. Instead of ombre, now babylights (known as tortoiseshell) is the new hair color trend. Elle Magazine published an article : "5 fresh hair colors to try for Spring" including babyblonds, toffeeblonds, golden browns and deep reds. 

I checked every magazine but finally I decided that they're missing an important point: today, not only celebrities lead the trends but also Instragrammers have great impact on what's coming next. We see that, addition to the colors I mentioned above, silver gray ( in fact, all kind of grays) is one of the hottest trend for this season. Also, along with deep reds, copper reds still keep their place. 

What do you think about this year hair color trend?

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