L'absolu Velours - Caprice


Hello guys! I'd would like you to meet L'absolu Velours from Lancôme. 

I have the one "velours de caprice" which is No193. 

The lipstick is quite soft and easy to apply and it gives a finish look. If you look at the photo above you see that my lips are rather dry but with this lipstick my lips feel velvety and it covers all chapped look. Also, it's long-lasting. In the video that I took for my Liebster Award 2015 post, I'm wearing this lipstick. Notice that I spent hours for that video and I didn't reapply my lipstick, but it does not fade away till the last minute. However, it's a bit expensive (cause it's Lancôme) but it's certainly worth it. 

Price: $21 : Check it in HERE.


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