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Hello guys! Today what I would like to share with you is my empty products that I have been keeping for a while –in fact, for a long time. I wanted to start with the products for coverage, following posts, I’ll be posting about the products for skin care, series etc. So, don’t forget to check my blog, I will do my best and try to publish each post as soon as possible.

If you check my latest post, you know that I’ve recently moved out with my sister. Actually, I wanted to create this post before I moved out so that I wouldn’t have to move those empty stuff with me. However, things happened so quickly and I had to keep them. Since in new home we weren’t able to have an internet connection immediately and also I had couple of internship interviews during last week, I couldn’t find any time to sit down and write this post. But now, I am sitting on Starbucks and preparing the post for you. Hope you enjoy!

Max Factor Lasting Performance 

The first product I wanna talk about is Max Factor Lasting Performance because I used this one for a long time and it was my first foundation. I bought one of those in the first year at university. Now I felt a bit old, it’s been 4 years since then. It can be said that I started to use coverages quite late, huh?

I used no 101, the shade is called Ivory Beige. Back then it seemed the right shade for me but later, I began to apply it with another coverage product since the shade becomes kind of darker for my skin. The reason could be that at the beginning I wasn’t fully applying the foundation or not every day – I don’t really remember how I’d been using it four years ago.

I think the foundation is well enough for the skins not having serious acne problems. I was using it to cover my blackheads nothing more. I guess I’d used it for two years and during that time my skin kept healthy and I hadn’t had trouble with acne more than usual.

L’orĂ©al Paris True Match

This is the product I mentioned you above which I’d been applying with the one from Max Factor. Actually, my intention was to change my foundation not because it wasn’t good enough but you know, you get bored after using a product for a long time and also as I told you it started to not to match with my skin. Hence, I bought this product but when I applied it I realized that my skin has neutral undertones, in other words, it is not cool-based. However, the foundation I got was Rosy Ivory! It means that it has pink undertones.

That is how I learnt about skin undertones. Afterwards, I couldn’t give it back and started to apply it with my first foundation. Luckily, when they mixed, they matched with my skin.

I’d used this mixture I guess for a year but then I got tired to mix two foundations every day and summer had come. Then, I met with the bb creams, the year bb creams entered the market.

Maybelline Dream Fresh

I believe that there is no one in this world have never tried this product. This product is my first bb cream and I still recommended it everyone who is looking for a bb cream. When I bought it, I didn’t know I can love a bb cream by heart. It was matching with my skin tone, covering the blackheads and my skin was shining healthily. I’d used the shade “fair” and I guess for the whole summer.

Then my nightmare began. Acne problem showed up on my face. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t because of this product. This is the present-day problem. A lot of my friends got through this period. People who hadn’t had any trouble with acne till their 20s had breaking outs with acne. To cover my acne, here’s what I bought and how it failed.

Max Factor Face Finity

Since my first foundation was from Max Factor, I trusted the brand and wanted to get a high coverage foundation. I’d learnt that my skin tone has neutral-based undertones so I knew what shade I should got; therefore, I went for beige 55. The product claims being three-in-one, primer, concealer and foundation. I went back home happily buying a foundation so effective but it didn’t take long to learn not to buy such products having multiple functions within them. When I applied it, I saw the disaster on my face. First of all, the shade was definitely wrong and much darker than my face. Secondly, it wasn’t covering anything at all!

There was nothing to do with it. It was absolutely a trash and waste of money. I’d never used it since then and always warned people intending to buy this product. However, I’ve seen lots of people who is so happy with this foundation. I guess the product is not for every skin type.

To keep my face fresh, I decided to go back to bb creams and I got one from the Tea Tree series of The Body Shop. I’ve already made a review of it, you can check the post right here (it includes a Youtube video, too).

Whatever I did for my skin wasn’t enough so I saw a dermatologist and started an acne treatment. This had happened in the last summer and I wasn’t allowed to use heavy coverage products like foundations. So, I began to use powder.

Wet n Wild Coverall

I met with Wet n Wild with this product. I’d never tried anything from this brand before and actually now I’m thinking how I dared to buy it. It is such a coincidence that after I began to use this powder, I’d seen lots of reviews about Wet n Wild products including the powder. In fact, I was planning to write a review about it however I’d never did. It might be because I was a new blogger and I’d focused on more outfit posts. Anyway, I suppose now it’s the right time to review it.

I used the shade Fair/Light. It is funny that even I got tanned it matched with my skin quite well. I guess the brands’ shades are a bit darker than it claims. Back then I was hesitating if it gave me a dry, flaky skin because my skin got already dry due to acne treatment. However, the product was beyond even my expectations.

It never made my skin dry but I used it only during the summertime because after summer, I went back to the city where my university located and it has really dry weather. Hence, I changed it to a foundation to prevent my skin from drying. During summer, even my skin looked bad, it covered quite well, in fact I can claim that the product is covering better than most of the foundations in the market even though it is a powder. I can absolutely recommend this product if you have a healthy skin already. It will give you a good coverage.

If you have any further questions, I will be happy to answer them! Have a nice day!


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