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Hello guys! As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be posting reviews about the products I’d used. I’ll be travelling to Istanbul at the end of this month so I’ve thought that I need to get a move on cause I’m not going to take these empty products with me for sure. So today, I’ll be talking about Clinique products I’d used thus far.

Clinique Moisturizing Gel

The first product I’m gonna talk about is my favorite product from Clinique. In fact, the only product that I’ve liked most so far. As it says so, it’s a moisturizing gel. It also says that it’s for combination oily to oily skin types. I bought this product like 2-3 years ago and I’ve used it for 2 years, I suppose. I know that I shouldn’t have used it for 2 years cause cosmetic products usually have at most 12 months to be used. Oh, I checked it know and it says 24 months! Yay, I’d stopped using it at the right time! Ha-ha!

Anyway, what I liked most about this product is being gel. I’m still using a gel moisturizer because I have a combination skin so a cream moisturizer never works for me, actually it makes everything worse. It says it’s a “moisture drink” which is quite correct because it’s easily absorbed by the skin.
According to the instruction, for better results, it should be used after facial soap and clarifying lotion.

I can RECOMMEND this product for the combination skins, I don’t think it’s the best but it’s a good product for a start.(Note that Clinique is NOT a cruelty-free brand so, in fact, I'd rather you not to buy any product from such brands. )

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer

I cannot remember really anything worth to review because I hadn’t used it. Literally, I cannot even remember that I’d ever used it. However, when I checked it now, I understood why. It has an oily texture even it says the otherwise. As you can see, it says oil-free and in fact it has hydrating formula. The only reason I stopped using this product must be since it’s hardly-absorbed. It is produced for all skin types, this explains everything. NEVER TRUST a product for all skin types, I’m telling you.

Clinique Pore Minimizer

Here’s the product I’ve used all of it. As I told you before, only problem about my face was blackheads before the break-out of acne on my face when I was 21. Due to those blackheads, you know that all your pores look larger. Even if you keep them clean, believe me they don’t shrink. That is why I’d bought this product and since then I LOVE it! It doesn’t work 100% effectively as none of skin-care products but it does quite good job. The reason is that if you are trying to get rid of blackheads, the first thing you should do, as I said, to keep them clean. Afterwards, you can support the process with such product. While I’d been using this products, I can say that there was an observable minimization of the pores on my face. And, it’s a victory, right?

Thanks for reading this post, hope it was helpful! 

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