Leaving Home for Internship


The story of mine keeps going on. At the end of this month, I'll be in Istanbul for my internship lasting two months. Unfortunately, I have to leave a home that I just moved in, with my lovely sister and her adorable cats. That is why, today's post will be full of their photos.

Family is sometimes well-beyond friendships, relationships.

Before I moved out with my sister, I was living alone. There's always pons and cons of living alone. However, I also admit that I've missed hanging out with family, family is sometimes well-beyond friendships, relationships. It's nice to know that someone is there for you anytime you make something stupid or shameful. For me and my sister, there's always laughs, for anything. It's been 3-4 weeks now, and I already started to learn things from her. One of them is purchasing skin-care or makeup products from cruelty-free brands. I'll mention about it in the following posts.

The days pass so fast, especially while being busy with documents needed for the internship. I'll be in Istanbul only 4 days later. I'm gonna do my internship in the field of marketing as I always wanted. Did I tell you before? I'm a third year Industrial Engineer. 

My erasmus journey will begin. 

The reason I'm being so emotional is that I'm not going back here permanently again for a long time because after two months-in september- I'll hopefully be on road for Portugal and my erasmus journey will begin. Yet, I still don't have invitation letter from the university of Porto. So, I don't wanna get so excited for nothing. 

Due to this -not going back- issue, I'll prepare for you two posts: Empty Products Vol.1 : Coverage and Empty Products Vol.2 : Clinique for my empty products. In fact, I've thought that I'd be posting more posts but the other products I put aside are not worth to make reviews. Nevertheless, 
I'm planning to prepare posts about animal-testing, cruelty-free products and present day's syndrome: nothing-to-wear. 

I'm feeling a bit excited but I guess, you know, in a good way. At least, I have a blog that I can share all of my fears, excitements, worries and everything. Nowadays, I have time to take care of my blog and creating posts. Hope it will keep like that.

Take care of yourself, and wish me luck! :)


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