The first week of summer in Istanbul


Hello guys! It's been a week now since I came to Istanbul. If you're following me, then you know that I had an Istanbul experience last summer as well, again for my internship. Now I'm working in a company as sales intern.

I came to Istanbul from Ankara the first day of July in the afternoon by plane since it takes only one hour. 

I checked in the hotel which takes place "ridiculously" close to Taksim as my friend says. It's also very close to the plaza where I work. When I went into the room, my roommate was sleeping so I opened my luggage and take out some necessary things from it and silently take a glance at the room. I sat on the balcony, lighted up a cigarette and made a list of stuff that I should buy. Talked to mum so that she'd know I'm okay. Then, I put out my cigarette and went out to Taksim. I texted one of my friends to ask some place to eat. Found the place and sat there, ordering a white-cheese toasted sandwich and a lemonade with mint. Checked my mails, instagram etc. I left the place and went into Gratis to buy the things from the shopping list. When I came back to room, my roommate had already woke up so I met her and we had a little talk to know each other. She is looking like a sweet person. She is studying Urdu language,- it is an Indian language and planning to go to India at the end of this summer. Anyway, after completely settled down, I went to my bed and fell into sleep.
sitting on balcony of hotel room
the bride in Taksim Square

"It was a lovely day, in fact but it raised a question mark in my mind. Is this really what I wanted, to be a plaza person?"
Next day, I woke up at eight o'clock and headed off to work. Unfortunately, I am terrible at adaptation. I cannot find my ways, discover easy things, etc. So I got late a bit to work at the first day but that was okay. I joined to HR orientation and spent the day learning office and meeting my co-workers. I suppose, the first days are always the most exhausting ones. We went out to lunch together with interns and our mentors. It was a lovely day, in fact but it raised a question mark in my mind. Is this really what I wanted, to be a plaza person? My mentor said that what he always wanted during his university years was to grab a cup of coffee in his lunch breaks, you know, wearing a suit etc. Then he asked us whether we feel the same right now. And I said, not really. In fact, I was being polite. I never and ever wanted to be someone like he described. I know what he was talking about, nearly all of my classmates dreams themselves within such an image and I always hated it. I believe that there is definitely much more things to do in this world. Do not misunderstand me, of course you can drink a cup of coffee in your lunch breaks but what I'm trying to say, people should really, really stop putting themselves into an image and imitate people on magazines. I think that we must start thinking about what we can do for this world, for any living creature and we should not stuck in plazas.

"...what I'm trying to say, people should really, really stop putting themselves into an image and imitate people on magazines."

napping after very exhausting working day
After hating about this idea, I took a dislike to the place I'll be working in whole summer and the people there. That was quite discouraging for me. Honestly, I couldn't still get rid of these thoughts. At least, I know that the company is bringing health to mums and babies and contribute to new generations.

Addition to work, I am looking for jobs to work on weekends because as I mentioned you in my previous post, I am attending to Erasmus program and going to Porto next term so it is good idea to save money by working in my gap times. My friends suggested me to apply an agent for such photography, acting etc. I've recently applied to an agent and they took photos of me. I got them today, so I'll be sharing the photos and experience asap.

À bout de souffle
The photos are taken when my friends and I went to open air movie screening in Boğaziçi (Bosphorus)  University. We watched the movie À bout de souffle which is french so I was so excited to see it! As far as I can see -literally- the screen, I love it!

Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University
Since I'll be working for two months, I'll be probably quite busy so I am afraid that I may not be able to spare time for blog but I promise I'll do my best! Take care!


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