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Hello guys! Today's post is about the product I've been using for almost a month, Moisturizing Cream Gel from the Hydragenist series of Lierac. Earlier, I was applying the face lotion from Yves Rocher (Check it here) but after running out I've decided to use something more advanced and in the meantime I'd already heard about this hydragenist series. Then I said why not, purchased and tried it. Here's my review.


After I came back home, I was telling my sister that the cream was a bit expensive. Then she asked me whether I checked the brand's doing animal testing or not. I hadn't! I got ashamed of myself for being such selfish and unaware, while living two cats and loving them so much.

I felt slightly relieved when I checked and saw that some bloggers saying that Lierac is cruelty-free. However; when I searched it in Peta's list -and others, there was no information saying that Lierac does/does not testing on animals. Simply, unknown. Nevertheless, I sent an e-mail to them and they immediately reply. Here's my e-mail and their reply:

We'd like to get information about Lierac's animal testing policy. I searched on Internet but there's not adequate information whether it does animal testing or not. If it does not, let us know so that we will not hesitate to use its products. Otherwise, there will be always a question mark in our minds and the brand will lose our trust.  
Best regards."

Original reply:

"Cher cliente,
Nous avons bien reçu votre courriel, que nous avons lu avec attention, et c'est bien volontiers que nous répondons à vos questions.
Nous ne pratiquons pas de test sur les animaux. Les tests sur animaux sont interdits aussi bien sur les produits finis que sur les matières premières ; nos fournisseurs n’en font donc plus.
Nous ne le précisons pas: c’est une question de déontologie: s’en prévaloir serait une forme de publicité excessive.
Nous utilisons les nouvelles méthodes alternatives que nous recommande notre expert toxicologue.
Elles sont choisies au cas par cas selon le type de produit.
Bien sincèrement,
Service Consommateurs Lierac"

English version:

"Dear customer,
We have received your email, we have carefully read , and that's exactly as we answer your questions.
We do not practice test on animals. Tests on animals are prohibited both on finished products than on raw materials; our suppliers thus do more .
We do not specify : it is a question of ethics : to rely on is a form of excessive advertising .
We use new alternative methods that we recommend our expert toxicologist .
They are chosen on a case by case depending on the type of product.
Consumer Service Lierac "

2. Light Texture and Easy Absorption

Since it's a cream-gel, it is absorbed by the skin immediately. In fact, I'm applying it before I do my makeup. Due to its easy absorption by skin and it is not a cream moisturizer, your skin does not get extra oily than it already has. The reason I'm saying this, I have a mixed skin so for me, it does quite good job, both supporting the skin with moisture and keeping it calm. There's no full guarantee that it will work for everyone but it will probably work because it is really, really light-weighted.

3. Beneficial Ingredients

Here's the ingredients officially declared:
  • Hydra O2 Complex 7% (Biomimetic oxygen, Hyaluronic acid, Vernonia leaves and a Concentrate of vitamins and minerals)
  • NMF(natural moisturizing factor) 5%
  • Micro rice powder and soft focus effect mattifying agents 6.1%
A fresh, delicate and feminine fragrance blending notes of rose water, jasmine and gardenia.

Rice powder is used by most of people to get more healthy and smooth skin. It is the same for rose water. Actually, I'm using rose water in my daily life for my skin instead of tonic. It's a miracle for skin, reduces the pores, clears the skin and refreshes.

4. The smell

I mostly get the smell of rose and love it! It absolutely smells better than any moisturizer I've used so far. I've told you that I've been already using the rose water for my skin so it's such a perfect product for me!

Check the product HERE
Thanks for reading! Please share this post and let others know about this good product. See ya! xx

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