Nightwalk in Porto

22.9.15 São Bento Train Station, Portugal

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.
– Robert Louis Stevenson
True words.. This is how I feel while I'm travelling or move another city, house.. This the core of change and feeling the excitement one more time, to go. That would be untrue if I say you leave everything behind. It's more than that, you take everything with you. That is what I realized when I came another city, country, continent. I always thought that I would leave everything behind, but sadly no.

São Bento Train Station
Dom Luís I Bridge

Keep moving on with me in Porto following my INSTAGRAM account. If you'd like to, you can get those pictures in original sizes, just click HERE.

If you're in Portugal, let's meet! :)

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