This summer. My life rewritten.


No doubt that the summer is my favorite season of the year and without exception, each summer brings me new stories, new lifestyle, new thoughts and perceptions.


Before I headed to Istanbul in the beginning of this summer, my sis and I were already talking about cruelty-free products and animal testing. When you get into the issue of animal welfare, it is impossible not to see the cruel world that we have created for them. That is why it wasn't take long for me to take a step into veganism. Everybody thought that it was not believable and long-lasting to become a vegan all of a sudden. However, I knew that after all I'd seen, I'd already been late for this and I believe that it was the most powerful and wise decision I'd ever made.

Yes, it's GP.

While I'm working this summer for a big company in a plaza, I've realized that I'm pretty far away from such business. Working for a company, why? I'm not trying to generalize the situation for every company or every department of course. But those 2 months reminded me what I do should be beneficial for other creatures in this world, it must worth to do it. For sure, there's times that we cannot choose the right way we feel. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to stuck with the way you're on. That is why I've sent messages to each foundation I came across with to work with them as volunteer. Finally, I met Greenpeace-Mediterranean.
I had never chance to work in the head office, I was mostly in the workshop. Those were amazing times that we painted the campervan dancing with the music, afterwards sitting in the front, drinking beers, talking and laughing. I was happy because they all accepted me as I was. After this semester, when I come back from Erasmus, I'll be continuing with the GP in my town and I believe that it will be awesome too.

Tattoo, tattoo, the very first.

I'm 22 and I had my first tattoo done. I think it was one the most exciting moment I've had this summer. I've been wanting this tattoo for almost a year but I hadn't been able to find someone that I can trust. Nevertheless, I found the place when I was in Istanbul, the tattoo studio of my childhood sister. Furthermore, I was so lucky when I found out they were also vegan and they had "vegan tattoo" ! They have even a slogan:
"Vegan tattoos don't hurt (animals)". Taste of Ink

Final words...

This summer gave me joy, love and lots of memories I can never forget. Most importantly, I was able to know myself better. I realized who I was not and I got one step closer to person who I want to become.

I'm vegan, I care about environment and every living creatures in this universe.
I'm 22, I have a tattoo telling so many about my personality.
I'm on my own way and my friend,
That is the only thing that matters.  

Since this blog have become a part of me now, I realized that it needed a renewal like I did this summer. So I've changed its name, its design and waiting for your responses. Hope you had an amazing summer too! Take care!

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