We are cruelty-free, you?


Often, the greater our ignorance about something, the greater our resistance to change.
― Marc Bekoff
Animals Matter: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect

I want to start my words with a quote of a vegan professor who has conducted so many researches and contributed lots of studies to animal welfare.

In my one of the latest posts, This summer. My life is rewritten., I've mentioned you how my life changed towards being vegan and defender of animal rights. I will not write pages and pages in here since it will be boring and also you can reach any scientific studies showing that our body doesn't need any protein comes from animal products. As Bekoff says, ignorance is the matter that restrains us from seeing the fact we don't have any rights on them to decide their death, their life.

In fact, whether you need animal nutrition doesn't even the case, I've heard most of people becoming vegan because they wanted to be "healthy", they don't "like" meat or they have an "allergy" to diaries. However, I think being vegan is not something you were born with, or something you do for yourself. Veganism is a movement which stands against any cruelty acts to animals or for me to any creatures but I cannot even imagine a vegan without loving and caring behavior for any living creature in this world.

If it is the case, to be aware of every product you buy comes with the power of deciding someone's live, then we should be more careful for our choices. It'd be silly to ignore the fact that we are using cosmetics everyday and basically it is a part of our life now. Addition to that, there are billions of beauty bloggers who review beauty products and time to time I ran into some bloggers who really care about their product choice, doing their best keep reviewing only products which are cruelty-free, no matter how many people they can attract to their sites.

(For the ones who may not know) Cruelty-free products are the products which are not tested on any animals. So the question appears in our minds, how can they be sure that those products have no danger for us? You can find alternative ways to animal testing by researching on Internet, but for a good start you can check this article published by PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

From now on, I believe that everyone read this post will be more careful about their beauty product choices and become aware of the brands which are cruelty-free. Because we know that human-being has power to run the world along with the power of defending nature and every living creature in it.

So use that chance and don't be a part of animal testing.

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