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Happy Saturday to everyone! I'm so proud of myself because recently I successfully dyed my hair after such a long time I'd had my hair dyed in my hairdresser. Unfortunately, since I'm in Porto, I couldn't trust any hairdresser, furthermore, I cannot spend my money on such stuff. That's why I'd been looking for a hair color brand to dye my hair and luckily, I found it immediately. If you want, you can jump into the video and enjoy! :)

FarmaVita Life Color Plus
The most important thing about the brand is, it is cruelty-free! Yay! I was so worried while I was typing on Google, 'farmavita animal testing' because if they did test on animals, I was planning to look for another brand of course! Fortunately, it is NOT tested on animals! 
Copper Red Blonde No:7.46
I sent my hairdresser the color chart in pdf and asked him to choose something for me and I think he chose the right one. It's more than a half year now I've been using this color and it's indeed for me!
Life Cream Developer 6%
He also suggested to use 9% but I couldn't find it so I went for 6%. In fact, I was not sure it would give the best result but everything is fine! 

Besides, I spent only 10 euros in total for hair dye and cream!

Let's watch the video:

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