That Bracelet


Top: Zara
Bottom: Bershka
Everyone has weird habits on their own. Mine is wearing different bracelets in each era of my life and believing they bring luck. I'm not a collecting maniac- as a matter of fact, I don't like it. It never made sense to me collecting materials or wearing some bracelets or necklace that someone gave me.

This strange belief started at high school. I was wearing my red bracelet when he enfolded me in his arms in the middle of the night, the man soon I would call as the love of my life. I was wearing it while I had such wonderful friends that I spent my best moments with during my high school.

I was wearing another bracelet in the first year of university. I had a boyfriend caring about me and friends that I had real fun with.

I was wearing another when we got back together with the man I talked to you before.

The summers I spent were magical only the times I was wearing a bracelet.

You can call me crazy or nonsense but my life turns into a great story when I find that bracelet. And now, I think I found it.
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