Top 5 Blogs I Keep Track of on Bloglovin'


Probably, you all know Bloglovin' - a platform that you can follow blogs, share posts and make collection of your favorite blog posts. Besides, it also allows you to create your own bloglovin' page connected to your blog and easily reach people who may be interested in what you're doing.
I check Bloglovin' almost everyday because you can really keep track of your favorite blogs' updates and discover new blogs. That is why I recently decided to publish a post showing my top 5 favorite blogs that I really enjoy and check their updates every week. I believe that you will enjoy those blogs too.

Natalie Off Duty is a blog created by model Natalie Suarez. The blog is mostly consisting of her photoshoots which are incredibly gorgeous. I love her style so much that I can't take my eyes off of her blog posts and can't wait for new ones. If you're really interested in fashion, you should definitely check her blog.
Happily Grey is a fashion based blog created by Mary Seng. I love how her blog is boomed -because it's another freaking story telling she could never imagine what happened. I admire her minimalist looks, sometimes a bit country and always cool. I don't know how she managed the balance but she's always like one of us and always at the top. I think most of you heard about her already, for the ones who haven't, huge fan base cannot be lying, check out her blog asap.
Park & Cube is literally a fashion blog created by founder of Cube Collective, Shini Park. When you check her posts, you'll see that they're so much different than any blog. Her posts not only include her shots wearing gorgeous outfits but also they are very informative and creative. If you want to see something different and learn more about fashion, you should definitely check out her blog.

In a Pavilion is a lifestyle blog created by Lilly, a girl from Germany. I met her blog in Bloglovin' and I love it so much. I think she will become one of the greatest blogger soon because her shots and posts are amazing. I like her style and lifestyle, she's really sweet also, when I mentioned her about publishing this post and thinking about her blog to be one of my top 5 blog list, I suppose she got really excited about it and really glad to hear, even though I'm not a really popular blogger. Best luck on this road, my friend! :)
Dear Laura is a photography blog created by -as you can guess, Laura from France. I've recently encountered with her blog but honestly, I got addicted. I love her posts including so many different shots from so many different places which pushes me to learn more about photography and excites me about travelling. If you enjoy sophisticated people and events, you will love her blog so much. She is very committed to her blog too, because when I e-mailed her about my post, I'd never thought that she'd respond but surprisingly, she did on the next day. Hope you will be very successful with your blog, dear friend! :)


First of all, thanks for reading this post. Second of all, I want to thank Lilly and Laura by heart for showing such interest. Finally, I wish someday I'll be someone's favorite blog list. 

Take care!

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