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Yesterday, I came across with a really surprising post- in fact, not surprising for me but still. The post was related to a model, Essena O'Neill, who has millions of followers on her social media accounts like Instragram, Tumblr.. Most of you probably heard her calling out about how social media had been affecting her life. I was watching the video she published saying how lucky we are, with the people around us and how lonely she is even though she has this huge fan community waiting for her to send a new photo everyday.

As I told you, I'm not shocked. I am not a popular person, blogger or whatever but I always thought that it must have been really hard for those people because everyone is expecting some good work from you and as she's saying, to get a really good photo, you should have taken dozens of them. I know most people think it's an unnecessary complaint about life, I mean, come on, there are children dying due to starving. Yeah, that's a fucking sad fact that we should fix it somehow.

To get back to the main point, there are people trying to be popular as she was in the past and at the same time those people move away from themselves as she did. This story reminded myself when I created my first blog which now I realized that I didn't even remember its name. I was so pathetic that I was doing some kind of reviews on the products I bought, paying lots of money on them. I hadn't been proud of myself because I never ever let anyone to know about my blog. Then for a while I used a fake name to preserve my privacy but let's admit, it didn't make sense. Finally I found this name for my blog, on my own way. Because, hell yeah, it is my own way doing stuff, I am obviously not a review girl on beauty products or I don't have an education on fashion, I wear whatever I want simply. In fact, one of the guys that I met on couchsurfing (I will talk about this later) told me to express my feelings on videos even though he liked them a lot. However, the thing that he might miss is I'm not kind of vlogger taping herself all the time when she visited places, I want people to see the way I see the world, that's all.

I think this case of Essena O'Neill is a good one showing us not to forget who we are while trying to be popular. From my view, I don't give a shit about being popular but for me social media is only great when I meet people that I can get along in real life, share my feelings and memories together. 

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