Calling out Bloggers in Paris!


Hello to all bloggers living in Paris! First of all, let me introduce myself to you. I'm a blogger from Turkey but currently living in Portugal for my Erasmus study. I've been blogging for almost two years but I've made a great progress since the last summer. I love traveling, writing, talking, meeting new people as most of you do.

Anyway, let's come to the point. I'm planning to visit Paris next week and I'm looking for bloggers to meet there! If you ask me "why Paris?", I must confess that there is no special reason, the cheapest flight from here to France is going directly to the capital haha!. BUT. Visiting France has a very special meaning for me and let me explain why.

I've been dreaming to live in France for very very long time even though I'm only 22 years old. Such dream has nothing to deal with fashion, beauty or glamour particularly but lifestyle as a whole. Being a parisian, you know what I mean. Not only me, but most of people somehow aware of this situation, I keep hearing people calling me as a bohemian french girl and imaging me as I'm drinking my coffee in a small vintage coffee shop while reading my book under the daylights.

Shortly, I'm getting kind of obsessed about such dream and while I have the opportunity, I'd like to spend the time with you since I believe we can get along very well and create magical memories. After all, you can spend one day with a new person from a whole different part of the world!
And if you SHARE THIS POST with your friends, we can organize a small event together!

DATE: 14-16 January

What do you say? Are you in? 

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