Arrivals from NewChic and How Disappointed I am


If you notice or catch the news that I share on the blog almost one month ago, I was offered to have partnership with a new online shopping website called NewChic. As the first move, I shared the discount code with you in the regarding post and gave my first order from the website. 2 days ago, I received my order and I definitely cannot say I'm happy with my experience about this website. Here's why.

To start with, I gave my order at 9th February, almost one month ago, and it was including the following:
1. Half Sleeve Open Back V Neck Crossed T-Shirt
2. Tassels Vintage Drawstring Sued Leather Women Backpack
3. 6 Sets Silver Boho Gypsy Knuckle Ring

Late Arrival of My Order

The person that I contact with told me that my order should arrive 7-10 days which may vary due to shipping country and it was ok. However, as I told you, it took literally one month for my order to arrive! The excuse was extreme busyness because of China's New Year. However, I was expecting at least an e-mail saying sorry for the late arrival of my order. Nothing. Instead, I had to e-mail them and they told me this. 

Mismatch of Products

I'm not a quick tempered person so I didn't really mind if my order was late or not. However, when it arrived I wasn't satisfied with the products. 

First of all, the package was awful. I wasn't waiting something so fancy but at least, it should be put in a box not in a plastic bag. Second of all, the images of the products and what I received were not exactly matched. 
Considering the top I ordered, if you click on the image and go to product details, you'll see that its material is both polyester and cotton. Moreover, when you scroll among images of the product, it seems to have a more cottony and thick texture (which is also a failure of the website, they should put the percentages of the materials.). However, what I received was really but really thin top which includes almost no cotton. Now, I have no idea how to wear it.

Fortunately, the handbag was fine. As you can see, there is mismatch regarding color of the line. For me, it might not be a problem but this doesn't hold for everyone of course. Besides, the second time I used the bag, one of the straps was broken. It was unbelievable! While I was on the street, my bag just dropped with everything inside. I think this shows how low the quality of the product.

The only thing I happy with my order is those rings. Unfortunately, I lost one of them. Anyway, I think the safest order would be choosing jewelry not bag or any type of cloth. Still, the rings look cheap, they have some black stains as if they were oxidized. 

All in all, I am not satisfied with the service of the website at all. Nevertheless, I'm hoping that they will pay attention to this review and fix the failures. If you have any doubts about the website or any complaint, please feel free to share here with us. 

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