Reshaping the Lifestyle of Mine


It's been almost two weeks since I went back to my country while finishing my Erasmus study in Portugal. How I spent the time there is the topic of another post but today, I'll talk about how I've started to live my life here in Turkey.

A diet of conscious

The first thing I and my family realized was that I put lots of weight. No one can blame me, I was newly vegan in a new country where local people have used to eat mostly meat or meat-included dishes. Besides, I was passing through -and I believe I still do, a depression era of my life which led me to consume alcohol more than ever. When you think beer and an unconscious diet together, you can understand the reason why I put that much weight. Now, I'm watching what I'm eating (not what I drink, I'm happy with alcohol) and trying to avoid fat basically. Additionally, I cut off my relation with any form of potato, baked, boiled or fries, any.

Going for a run

Before I came back, I was thinking to start swimming, pilates or yoga. However, I realized that there's a really great running track near to our house so I said, why not? I've never been someone who does sports continually but now I'm going for a run everyday early in the morning. And it turned out to an amazing experience both physically and mentally.

Learning how to cook

If you want to be a healthy vegan, no way out but to cook. While I was in Portugal, I always cooked myself since they have a food culture based on meat and diary. However, the things that I could have done was limited. Now, I did even vegan Nutella and in the meantime my sister did mayonnaise and yogurt of almond. As soon as I expertise on vegan food, I'll start to share recipes :)

Taking psychology classes

As opposed to many student going back to their country after Erasmus, I'm fine. In fact, I kind of happy because I'm with my family and lovely friends. Moreover, I believe that now it's time to put my life in order and start to think who I really want to be someday in the future. 
I've delayed my dreams for my entire life maybe because I was afraid that I'd not be able to achieve or they wouldn't turn out to be as good as I imagined. However, from the beginning of the last year, this has changed. I had the audition of university chorus even though my family always discouraged me regarding my voice which made me have zero level of self-esteem. I went to Paris which was one of my biggest dreams and it went amazing. Now, I'm in the middle of nowhere when I think of my career but the point is that I've been interested in psychology for years. However, what I did was delaying it. When my Erasmus friends told me that I should've been educated in social sciences not engineering, I decided to take psychology classes and make it something more than a hobby. We'll see what's going to happen next.

I hope you are all doing well as much as I do. See you soon!

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