Ideas for Sunday: Patches on Jeans


As you might notice, this spring-summer trends are being led by jean jackets, with their loose, vintage and unique looks. I mentioned that I discovered vintage shops while I was in Porto (Balcony Sessions: The First Vintage Shopping) and I got an old pretty nice jean jacket from one of the shops there. Honestly, I can't take my hands off it. Now it's time to give it a unique look.

Price: 7,99€
I bought this mixed patches set from Bershka (this one is not being shown on the website but you may go for its alternative one here.) which comes with five different patches. I decided to put only one of them and give the jacket a simple but expressive look. 
How to stick the patches on jean is way too simple! Take it off, place where you want and iron on it! I wasn't expecting that it would be so easy and stick on jean that well. Nevertheless, Bershka showed its product quality once again. 
I strongly recommend you to get one of these patches set and get ready for festivals! Create your own style and make it unique!

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