Paris in Four Days: Going around Champs-Elysees

15.4.16 Paris, France

During the following weeks, I'd like to take you all to Paris streets where people are surrounded by glorious and warm environment at the same time. I'm sure that there is only few cities in this world that you can have both.

I was super lucky when I went to Paris, I'd used CouchSurfing again but this time it turned out that my host was living in Champs-Elysees! In fact, it's a funny story because in Turkish, the name of the street is spelled and written differently even though pronounced the same. So when the bus from airport left me at the beginning of the street, I didn't know it was the street of Champs-Elysees! I was walking down the street and amazed by its beauty, at the meantime, I was thinking how glorious Champs-Elysees must be if any street is like this in Paris, haha :)
After I met my host, we headed to his place and he asked me to where I'd like to visit. I said, "Actually, I wanna go around backstreets and explore the city as a whole but of course I wanna visit Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees street as well!." And he was talking about how Champs-Elysees was going worse and worse everyday with its new, big shops opening in another corner each day while we are walking on Champs-Elysees. Believe or not, it took for me to understand at least a day. At the end of my first day, while I was checking how Champs-Elysees is written in french, I realized that I was staying actually in the middle of it!
Théâtre Marigny
As you might know, there are two palaces in Paris, Grand(Big) Palais and Petit(Small) Palais. When we entered through Petit Palais, the weather was really weird, you could've seen the sun just for a minute and then you could've caught by a sudden and heavy rain. Those shots were taken when the rain almost stopped and the garden was looking amazing.
Petit Palais
Even the ferris wheel of Paris was amazing, especially at night with its all lights on. 
I believe one of the favorite place that you can sit and relax on Champs-Elysees is this arcade where you can find Starbucks at the entrance. It was very hard for me to find somewhere after walking up and down because Paris is very but very expensive city to have a meal or even a coffee. Imagine Champs-Elysees! However, you can check out Monoprix in Rue La Boétie and have fresh and convenience food.
Hope you enjoy my photos from Paris and not forget to check new posts following days on blog!

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