Pink Through Me: Dying Ends of Hair


It's friday. And fridays come with the ideas to change your life.

I don't remember where the idea of dying my hair pink came from but it ended well. A shot that I uploaded on Instagram may have cause this -my profile picture, I'm looking pretty cool and stylish, haha- but I've already been trying to create my unique style for so long, so it could be only a trigger. 
I wanted to have my hair all the way pink; however, as you might know, your hair need to be bleached first and then you can get the best result. Of course, at first, I had only a part of my hair dyed to decide. If you notice, I've been dying my hair to red/orange for more than a year (HERE, you can find the Youtube Video) and the last time I got it completely orange which washed out so quickly. By time, ends of my hair turned to yellow but not blonde, so they were looking quite bad but at the same time, when my hair was covered with pink color, only the ends turned to pink and the rest was still orange. 
I believe sometimes you need to take risks to get the best results and this is what I've done so far. I recommend you to do the same in your life and not to miss fridays :)

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