Lello Library: Inspiration to Harry Potter


JK Rowling was there. She was drinking her cup of coffee one after another on the second floor. What was she doing? Writing Harry Potter.

Lello Library (Livraria Lello) was officially opened its doors to book lovers on January 13th, 1906 in Porto. It has two floors connected by an incredible stairway covered by red carpet. The wooden structure and oldness of the library are the things that you'll immediately notice. 

And if you climb to the second floor, you'll realize that it is not only a book store but literally, a library. There'll be comfortable armchairs and soft lights waiting for you to sit and enjoy your book. 

You can find a wide range of books, from old to new and the prices are not that high. If you go straight from the entrance and move under the stairway, you'll find souvenirs to buy.

When I visited the library during my Erasmus, they were celebrating its 110th year. There were cakes and cups of wine served to people for free. It was very crowded followed by a huge line outside. If you ever pass by near Porto, I definitely recommend you to visit here. 

Do you have any library like Lello Library in your city?

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