The Brand of the Month: Dirty Works


You'll not believe how good its products are...
I got these beauties one month ago, while I was searching for a face mask. I believe it takes longer for me to find a brand that is good and does not test on animals. Additionally, I have to confess that I'm not a fan of funnily covered brands, they make me have prejudgments such that they need to have a good cover because they are not qualified enough to attract consumers. Anyway, I said to myself that I could have given the brand a try and did it worth it? Absolutely, YES!

The Ultimate Detox Mud Mask (with blueberry &willow bark extract) 
Mud masks have always been my favorite face masks since they have a perfect texture to clean your skin and leave it moisturized. I've used my homemade mud mask for years (with green clay and rose water) now I was out of clay, I wanted to buy a face mask but ended up with a green clay mask one more time. There are other types of clay (white, red etc.) and each has its own effect on skin. For instance, while red clay is used for dry and sensitive skins, green clay is good for acne prone skins.
You can make your own mud mask easily at home, but I suggest you to give this one a try. Why? Because it smells SO GOOD that you won't believe. You can buy it HERE for only £5.00.

8 in 1 Miracle Serum
Here we come... The real miracle... I have to tell you that I used great number of serums from Clinique to The Body Shop but I've never came across such a good product that you can see the result immediately. Most of the serums are used before going bed because they make your skin a bit reddish while relaxing it so it might take a while to get the finish look. However, I'm applying this one just before going out because it makes my skin so smooth that I can't take my hands off. Moreover, the serum clarifies your skin and take all the redness away. I know it sounds crazy and you may not believe how good it is, but trust me and give it a try, you'll be AMAZED. You can buy it HERE.

Have you ever tried Dirty Works?
PS: Dirty Works are not tested on animals; however, they have products containing animal ingredient which are not suitable for vegans. (Foot butter, salt scrub, hand cream, body butter, miracle cream)

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