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Hi guys! I'm reviewing this beautiful nude bronze palette from Collection this week! Watch the video for more!
Collection is a UK brand, and my sister had bought this eye palette as a gift for me when she was in England. I'm pretty happy to try such beautiful palette because the shades are matching my skin and my eyes and it gives light but dramatic look.

The palette consists of six different shades called as; ivory, mink, ochre, golden brown, ember and nutty. The shades become significant after one or two strokes, which makes the palette very powerful in that sense. Besides, palette includes shimmer within giving you bronze and shimmery look.

As a base color, I applied ivory and used mink starting from the middle of my eye. Then, I went for ember to emphasize my eye hole. I also used golden brown under my eyes since applying eye shadow under my eye is one of my biggest obsessions about makeup :) I finished the look with eyeliner and mascara.

You can find the palette in Collection's official website. Quality of the palette is inversely correlated with its reasonable price. It took its place among my favorite eye palettes right away.

PS. Don't forget to TURN ON English captions.

Have you ever tried any of Collection product?

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