Dirty Works Detox Mud Mask Review | VLOG


Hey fellows! As you might remember, I've mentioned you about the brand, Dirty Works, and its products in one of my latest blog posts which you can check HERE. As I started vlogging, why do I not keep going with a brand that caught your attention and got so many comments? 
Speaking of this Detox Mud Mask, I've been using it for almost one month. It's a green clay mask with blueberry extract and as I talked about it in the video, it smells amazing! However, green clay masks are more suitable for combination type of skins with blackhead or acne problems. Yet, my skin is kind of dry lately; so you'll see in the video that the mask made my skin dry even more after the application. Still, moisturizing my skin afterwards is working for me.

Enough talking, let's see the video! Don't forget to TURN ON ENGLISH CAPTIONS!

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