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Only one question I have for you: How do you balance your social and real existence?

It's been more than one week since that I wrote down here or published any videos if you may notice. Why? There happened to be so many changes in my life, and I got out of control. I cannot find the energy to write, to shoot videos, or to share anything. Today, I just wanna talk talk talk.

New Job

Good news that I started working in a big company, and I haven't graduated yet. This is a big success for me, especially company's being located in my hometown was an excellent beginning on my career path. I didn't target for the big cities for a wider range of job opportunities, because I knew that it would be very uncomfortable for me to leave the city where I spent all my university years, to have new circle of friends, and till then going work back and forth without knowing anyone in a whole different city. Instead, I found this job in my hometown where my parent still live. It is very strange to start living with your parents again, though. But I'm getting used to it.

Going a Step Further

However, I have to admit that this job is just a tool for me to make my dreams true; being a successful blogger and building my own job around it. Hopefully you noticed that I broadcasted my own channel on Youtube which is quite exciting. I know that blogging gives way to vlogging, however; blogging will always have its place for me, in such times like this. I'm quite ambitious about vlogging, though. I want a big network including every of you from different countries and cultures. I wanna know how this life is going on there and here, and see the difference and share these information with you so that you can know more each other's lives and trends.


What about Privacy?

What I really wanted to talk and ask your opinion about is how you balance your social and real existence? For instance, it was a whole week that I was supposed to be on a vacation and have more flexible time to shoot more videos and share with you. Yet, what happened? I spent a terrible week, fighting with my boyfriend and myself, spending whole time at home alone. I had a bunch of free time but I couldn't get the things together and find the energy and courage to write here or shoot any videos. It means that I couldn't connect with any of you for more than one week. What a waste of time! How do you deal with it? Couple of advice hearing from you would be absolutely fantastic!


P.S. Don't forget that my Instagram account is always active. Follow me, send me messages, do anything to talk to me. That is how our friendships can grow! 

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