Hair Care for This Summer: Biopoint Beauty Elixir


What is your treatment for your hair when summer comes? Here's mine. Meet Biopoint, an Italian cruelty-free brand...
I found Biopoint when I was looking for a shampoo to tell the truth. Then I found its hair oil. It's a simple beauty elixir that you can apply after shower to your wet hair.

At this point, I have to say that I don't use cream conditioner -if your hair is thin like me, I don't suggest you to use it neither. Instead, I prefer liquid conditioner the one that you don't need to wash out. You are not required to wash this hair oil as well, just apply the split ends and it will be enough.

What about the quality? I used different hair oils, most are with argan oil, but the one I'm most satisfied is Biopoint. However, I still don't find it extraordinary. I think its quality matches with its price. You can go to its official website from here.

On the other hand, the brand does not test on animals which is quite a plus for me. You may not be able to reach this info on their website but I e-mailed them and they confirmed that they are cruelty-free. I would prefer them to write it on their product, though.

What do you use for your hair?

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