How to Get Fit with 3 Simple Tricks


I know there're zillion of ways to get fit and lose couple of pounds but don't you think that we're pushing too hard to get in shape? Here're several tips that you can easily adapt to your life!
After coming back to home, Turkey, from Portugal, I was kind of unhappy with my body shape 'cause I gained 8 pounds while I was there and it happened so quickly. Yet, I lost all the weight I got in one month by only keeping up three things:
1. Go outside and exercise at least three days of week
My choice is going for a run in fall, but currently, I adopted to a new hobby, skating. I got my roller blades one week ago and I'm already very satisfied with skating in summer nights.

If you're living nearby the beach or you have a running track nearby your home, lucky you! I never ever liked going to the gym, the idea of being indoors makes me down. However, I always liked going for a run in the mornings with the feeling of fresh air. Now, I have a crush on skating. Besides, it's not just me, from young to old, everyone is going out to exercise mornings and nights which makes me super motivated. Time to time, I see people in a very good shape and I admire them. Then I find the energy to go for another round.

Just go outside to do some exercise, it can be yoga, skating, running... You have great number of choices. It's simple, it's refreshing, it keeps you motivated. 

2. Don't eat heavy meals at nights
I don't like restricting myself about anything but if you need to achieve something, you have to sacrifice. I've been used to eat, especially at nights, while watching a movie on my laptop in front of me. What makes you hungry at night is the biological hour you choose. I think it's pretty clear that your body doesn't need food more just after having your dinner!

Some says that we shouldn't eat after 6 p.m. or some says 5 p.m. I think it doesn't make sense to put a specific hour because our habits will vary depending on our lifestyle. At the beginning, it might be really hard to give up if you have such habit as I do, so my suggestion is for you to go for the snacks without oil and salt. If you're looking for something sweet, then try to prefer fruits. With each passing day, you'll desire to eat something less and less.

3. Reduce the alcohol consumption
Ok, this is important. Personally, I drink a lot. I mean, A LOT. If you really want to lose some weight, don't do it. I'm not saying to grow out of it completely but try to reduce it. One glass of wine or one bottle of beer, of course, will not do any harm. Reducing your alcohol consumption will also prevent you from hangovers and help you to keeping up with your routine.

Furthermore, there are apps to couch you during this period (such as Bodyweight, Sworkit etc.) so if you have time, you can download one of those and get the results more quickly.

Do you have any routine to keep yourself fit?

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