So Blur Cream by Pink - Pure Beauty Review


New product on shelves.. To learn more about it, go to video now!

Hey guys! Pure Beauty has released new series called Pink, and it's been on the shelves more than one month. I got this Blur Cream last month and currently loving it!

The very first reason why I loved this cream, is, just being a cream. It's not a tinted moisturizer, not a bb cream and definitely not a foundation. I believe there're powder particulars in it, so that it makes you glow and a bit of coverage.

I forgot to warn you in video but let me do it here, I don't think this product will be enough to cover skins with acne. You must use a concealer if you want to use it anyway, -and yes you will. Because, it doesn't make your skin oily, you don't have to even remove it (considering you have a skin care routine on daily basis). 

I loved it, I enjoyed it, and let me tell of these in video.

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