My Online Magazine is on the air!


My online magazine project, Modern Hippie in Black, is on the air by September 30th! I'm still so excited to come up with such a project and make it real.

Watch it to learn more about the project:

I'm talking about the project details in video, but let me make a summary. The project aims to have more interaction between you and me. It includes all the things I enjoy during a month, or for the last weeks. As you might notice, we, bloggers, do not share everything that we enjoyed in life, mostly the thing we loved most, or the things that you might benefit. Nevertheless, I wanna BREAK THE RULES. I'm pretty sure that you'll find and learn very interesting and weird things about me; besides, it won't be about only fashion, beauty, or style. It will be about anything, books to sports, self-improvement to lifestyle... In this point, I want you to be involved in the project. 

How can you participate?

Let's say you're a blogger, and you want more people to be heard of you, want to know more people who shares the same perspective with you.

Send me an e-mail!

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. put your post link that you'd like it to be published and fill the form below:
Sample Form

After I get the email, I'll be contacting with you immediately. If everything goes fine, you'll be published in the next issue! In return, I just want you to support the magazine by replacing the banner on your website, and sharing on Instagram!
Sample Banner 1
Sample Banner 2

Feel free to send an e-mail to for any further questions!

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