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I'm not sure if it's too long to be there, but this new trend on Instagram has been drawing my attention quite a lot lately. I'm talking about photos with blank spaces, right, left, top or bottom. It's all about your creativity.

Is it better or total mess?

When I first realize this new trend, I thought that it was pretty helpful for Instagrammers who tend to share photos with different effects, or even in their natural way. I also believe that every photo has a different story and deserves more attention than that, yet, I know how difficult to create your layout and make your feed more remarkable. With this new trend, since you'll have more space between your photos, the difference between your photos will be less prominent.

Here are some good examples of this new trend on Instagram:

Even though this trend may save us from the difficulty of having a "layout", it might turn your layout quite mess. At that point, you should know that applying this new trend requires creativity. You may add some text or shapes, or do more for the blank space. However, if you play so much, it might be confusing for your followers. Additionally, you must be careful with your pattern. You put a space top then right then top again, but then left... Do you get what I'm trying to say?

Play hard but keep it simple

Use your creativity, play around a little, but do not make your feed eye straining. Then I believe you'll love your feed more than ever with its unique look.

Anyone already following this trend?

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