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I've been thinking placing order in ASOS for ages but let me admit that I was not sure. I'm a bit old-fashioned when it comes to buy something. I need to touch, I need to smell, I need to feel it somehow. Yet, I saw many people having great pieces from ASOS and never heard bad stories about shipment.

Turkey fashion market is not as big as Europe unfortunately, and I'm becoming very jealous when I see people buying this unique, gorgeous items while I cannot. But this must be over. It's time to be brave!

Here's my wishlist for Fall 2016/17:

Look 1

I've created this cozy look with warm color of suede, sweet of bananas and bows, finally a touch of metallic shine. Suede is up trend since the last year, and I believe we still couldn't get enough of it! As well as suede, high waisted jeans are also an unending trend and I have to say that I really enjoyed Wah London & Asos style of jeans with bows. 

What would you prefer for footwear? If you ask me, I'd definitely say those platform flats with metallic finish. Not just for this look, but you need to get one of metallic item to wear this fall! 

And what about this banana purse? It completely matches with warm color of suede and gives a little bit of summer breeze. The look feels me like that I cannot let summer go, but ready for fall!

Look 2 

Let's get into a bit of vintage-grunge look. Pleated skirts became my favorite piece recently and I've always been a fan of shabby, comfortable cardigans. Combining this two pieces will make you feel free than ever. 

If you read so far, you probably wonder when I'm gonna mention VELVET! How could I? I fell in love with those velvet shoes with their vintage look and I couldn't help myself match them with fishnet ankle socks. 

This fall we are very free to mix up the items than ever before. So, use your chance!

Which look did you like the most?

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