In the middle of a winter: Cappadocia


The first time I was in Cappadocia... I didn't know it could have such amazing views and peace, I didn't know it could be extremely cold either! 

As you might know, Cappadocia is known with its hot air balloons. I'd never had a chance to try it, yet, if you decide to come over to Turkey someday and make your road towards central anatolia, do not forget to visit here and get on the hot air balloon!

Cappadocia is beautiful in this season, yet, I believe, it will be awesome when spring comes. For the last two years, there is Cappadox Festival which will take place on 18th-21st May this year.


It was too -not too, extremely- cold when we were there which was the same situation with this cute dog. It was so happy and actually gone crazy when it saw us (I'm saying it, cause I don't know its gender). Since I got bit by dog twice, I was kind of, "ohh, you're sweety, oh, ok, don't come along, shhh, be calm, ok, I'll just pass by, see you!" but I was very upset that I saw it freezing outside.


Have you ever visited Cappadocia, or any thoughts?

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