New year in velvet


To tell you the truth. This was the weirdest new year I've spent for all my entire life.

Hello you all! How was the new year, how was the Christmas? Please tell me everything! This year unlike to previous ones, I was planning to spend the new year with my lovely friends, enjoying at home and outside, hoping to drink enough, haha. I had already got this gorgeous velvet dress from Pull&Bear combining it with fishnet socks and a pair of high heel shoes of mine. 
Yet, here's what happened! I got a fever at 39 degrees just 2 hours before midnight and I was given serum at hospital. You know, people are likely to go hospital in new year but probably not because of fever, because of overdrinking maybe? Anyway, it was such a nightmare since I also caused one of my friend to stay with me, enjoying/not enjoying the night taking care of someone lying down his bed and coughing all night. 

Thank god, I was able to wear this dress like it's already new year. Moreover, I got a new haircut if you notice! Bangs will become very famous soon, didn't hear this from me, haha.

The choker, earring and ring are all from Bershka. 

Now, it's your turn. Tell me your craziest stories!

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